Head dream meaning

Have one without body, freedom. Wash your own head, the finish of all the danger. Have another person head, a distant voyage or commercial expedition. Have the head that is small, means light or pointed weakness of spirits, servitude and dishonor. To feel that someone is bathing your head, damage. To have the head larger or more elevated than people usually have, professional dignity according to the estate of the dreamer, gain of a lawsuit, triumph over adversaries. If the dreamer, or whoever he sees in the dream, is engaged in commerce or any other trade marketing, and his head is off, then it shows disappointments with his business. Have the head swollen, riches and profit for the dreamer’s employers or children. Have the head of a wolf or other savage beast means complete success in all undertakings, competitors vanquished, the respect of fellow citizens. To have the headache, means loss of credit. Have two heads, society or association. To hold your head in your hands loss of something important in your life, otherwise it could indicate the happiness and achieved goals. See a death’s-head, you must be more cautious if you wish to win against your rivals.

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