Money dream meaning

To dream of losing money denotes losses in business. To find money, if gold, or large bank bills, is a good omen, and signifies success in all your undertakings; but to dream you find small silver or copper coin foretells a discovery made too late to be of any benefit to you. To dream you are melting or see money melted or bank bills burned, presages disappointment in some cherished design. To dream you throw money away foretells chagrin and want. To dream you change money foretells inconstancy in a lover or sweetheart. To dream you have money given or paid to you, implies success in love affairs, and much domestic happiness. To dream of counterfeit money is a bad omen, and foretells quarrels, sickness, and secret enemies; it also presages domestic unhappiness. To dream of money in bags or boxes, also denotes misfortune of some kind.

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