…(Army) In a dream, ants represent weak and covetous people, an army, a family, or longevity. Seeing a colony of ants entering a city in a dream means that an army will occupy that city. A colony of ants in a dream also represents a heavy populated area. Seeing ants over one’s bed in a dream means having many children. If ants leave one’s house in a dream, it means that someone in the family will leave that house. If there is a sick person in a house and one sees ants flying in a dream, it means the death of such a person. Ants leaving their colony in a dream means dying away of the population in that area, or that such a town may become a ghost town. Seeing ants leaving their nest in a dream also means adversities or distress. Though in this case, they represent…

…A wall in a dream represents knowledge, guidance, cognizance, knowing secrets, judgment, or separation between friend. Standing by a wall or sitting on it, and depending on its conditions in a dream represents one’s own state. A wall in a dream also represents a strong, wealthy, powerful and religious person. If the wall needed urgent repairs, and if a group of people come to rescue it in the dream, it represents a man of knowledge, or the Imam of a mosque who has lost his control or respect, then some friends will come to his rescue and to help him restore his rank. If a successful businessman sees the walls of his house collapsing in a dream, it means that he will recuperate a lost treasure. If one sees a wall caving over his head, or falling over other people in a dream, it means that he has committed…

…Seeing a wall in a dream means obstacles and limitations. There is a barrier that obstructs your progress. You’re too much dependent on your old habits and ways of thinking. Dreaming that you’re jumping over a wall suggests that you will overcome strong obstacles to succeed. Dreaming that you’re demolishing a wall indicates that you will break barriers and you will overcome your limitations. Seeing a wall crumble indicates that you easily rise from your problems and overcome your barriers. Dreaming that you’re building a wall represents a bad relationship. On the other hand, it indicates that you will accept your limitations. Dreaming that you’re hiding behind a wall suggests that you’re embarrassed of some relationships. Dreaming that you’re being thrown to a wall indicates some ways to break barriers and limitations….

To dream of ants, betokens an earthly, covetous mind; and, as they live under the earth, to dream often of them, shows the dreamer not to be long lived. To see ants with wings, shows a dangerous voyage, or other ill accident. To dream you see common ants, which are diligent and industrious in providing their food, is good for farmers, because they signify fertility; for where there is no grain, you will find no ants. To such as live upon the public, and reap profits by many, they are very good; and to such as are sick, if they dream they come near the body; for they are industrious, and cease not to labour, which is proper to such as live; but if they dream that ants range about their bodies, it is a token of death; because they are inhabitants of earth, and are cold and black.

Reveals worry regarding order and finances.

Dreaming of being in front of a wall that is obstructing the dreamer from walking, hints that the dreamer will have serious difficulties in matters that are being handled and that they will require a lot of work to avoid failures. Dreaming of jumping over a wall suggests that if the dreamer puts intense effort into any issues, the dreamer will be able to overcome those situations. Dreaming of breaking a wall in order to continue the dreamer’s way, indicates that he or she will easily dominate any problems and will succeed in his or her activities. Dreaming of demolishing a wall, suggests that soon any problems the dreamer might have will be resolved and enemies or competitors will be eliminated. Dreaming of constructing a wall announces that soon the dreamer will succeed in his or her projects and plans.

Ants always symbolize hard, intelligent and organized work, so they do warn the dreamer that he/she should act the same way, perhaps because he/she is being negligent with his/her responsibilities, what may lead him/her to many setbacks. To dream that your job if full of ants, and that you can also see them in your regular activities announces abundance, both for you and your family, thanks to your efforts and success in your work, projects, etc. To dream that a group of ants is moving chaotically, and worse if they are black, announces that soon you’ll experience inconvenience and concerns. To dream that ants walk over your body announces discomforts, setbacks and failures, but without serious consequences….

To see the floor in the dream is interpreted as the symbol of base. The foundation you have built reflects in your dreams, showing your current state of the mind and how safe you feel being on that floor. If the floor is made of wood, looks nice and shiny, then such dream shows the strong basics you have made for your life. You have the targets and getting them on the right way. If the floor has minor defects, is rotten or broken, then you should start reconsidering the priorities in your waking life. Perhaps the dream suggests you to start being more serious when building your own life.

The floor symbolizes how much you are grounded to your life and the way you are able to move one. The floor could also signify your relationships with yourself if you are floating or feel grounded enough in order to understand who you are. If you are brushing the floor or cleaning it in any other way, then it shows that you are looking after your life and take care of many things no matter how hard it is to do them. The floor that is distorted signifies that you are not grounded enough, you took the turn from your path, and therefore you do not feel stable anymore.

…(Cleaning | Sanitation) Sweeping the floor, or caring for the floor matt or carpet in a dream means to care for one’s community or family. Sweeping dirt or cleaning a floor in a dream means financial benefits for people who do that professionally. Sweeping someone else’s house in a dream means receiving money from him. If a rich person sees himself sweeping a floor in a dream, it means poverty, or loss of a business. (Also see Cleaner | Garbage | Sanitation | Trash collector)…

Crawling on one’s knees in a dream represents a chronic illness, or praying in a sitting position while being able to stand up in prayers. It also could mean wavering in one’s decision to travel and being reprimanded for it, or it could mean losing interest or lacking vigor. If a poor person sees himself crawling in a dream, it means that his needs will be satisfied. If he is a rich, it means that he will become needy. Crawling in a dream also could mean complaisance and partiality toward people….

Ants in the dreams symbolize organized and proactive work. If ants invade your house, it announces some crowd will make little annoyances. If ants attack your body, it foretells an accident or illness.

…When you tear it down or jump it off, then such dream manifests the desire to change things that are difficult to deal with, to change to things that are easier to manage. If we are inside the wall, then it means we are protected and isolated from external danger. If the wall plummets when we lean on it, then it indicates that we have little confidence in our protections. If the wall is ruined, then it reveals fear and grief….

To dream of seeing yourself crawling, denotes to your careful attitude when obtaining what you wish for. On the other hand, the dream may show how you humiliate yourself in front of others or just for yourself Perhaps there are things you do not believe you can achieve. If you saw someone else crawling to you, then such dream shows your approach towards the others. Perhaps the dream suggests you to be more indulgent to others.

If you dream of seeing ants, it signifies your unhappiness with something that you are dealing every day. Maybe it is a lifestyle you are having and hating it. You feel like no one understands you and do not want to communicate with you the way you do. There are so many things you are not satisfied with, that it makes your every day life like living hell. The other meaning of this dream could represent hard work and adapting time you will have to reach the goals you are trying to achieve. Ants could also symbolize the control you are suffering from. Maybe there are some circumstances, that makes you feel uncomfortable and controlled. The other meaning could be, that all big things in life happens from small things, so keep that in mind as well.

To dream that you see the wall means that some barriers are in your life. If you had to climb that wall in order to get where you needed to be, means that you will have difficulties while dealing with your life.

Ants in dreams signify presents….

Dreaming of ants indicates good prospects in professional life and/or business, it’s important to collaborate with others to carry out your wishes.

The dreamer of ants should expect many petty annoyances during the day | chasing little worries, and finding general dissatisfaction in all things.

…To dream of ants, is unlucky; and to dream too often of them, shows the dreamer not to be long lived. Lucky lottery dream numbers – 7, 49, 20….

(See Ants)

Ants are interpreted as a warning to the need of organized work and precaution, but also as a harbinger of small nuisances that could alter the well-being of the dreamer.

Ants show you’ll have good trade without adversity; Visits from strangers, much profit and prosperity….

Dreaming of ants shows an earthly, covetous mind.

To dream of ants denotes that you will live in a great town or city, or in a large family, and that you will be industrious, happy, well married, and have a large family.

…(Lizard) A wall gecko in a dream represents an evil person who is proud of himself, who encourages mischief, and dampens people’s spirit to do good. A gecko in a dream also represents a backbiter and a slanderer. Getting hold of a gecko in a dream means encountering such a person. Eating a gecko in a dream means backbitingpeople. If a gecko takes a bite from someone’s flesh in a dream, it means that someone will speak ill of him in public. A gecko in a dream also represents an avowed enemy who incessantly belittles his opponent and who drives from one place to another. (Also see Lizard)…

Dream of a wall that impedes the way means loss and material damages. Jump over it is a sign that any difficulty can be overcome along your path.

If, during the dream, the dreamer sees himself/herself jumping over a wall, this is generally a sign that his/her convictions are strong and that he/she shouldn’t be discouraged by the obstacles that come up to achieve the desired end.

This is ill omen. To a lover it means a happy marriage.

An unlucky symbol of dream interpretation which indicates short-lived happiness. Alternatively, it indicates that you are a hard worker.

Plenty work, great honour. 33.

Receiving dreadful news. 5.

Conflicting emotions and conflicts within you. Reassurance yourself and you’ll find the right solution.

Joy and sorrow.

(Also see Earth)

Joy and happiness.

Getting into disgrace.

Good success.

If it stands in your way, embarrassments; if you jump over it, joy.

Clearing away hindrances. 73.