…(The eight heavens | Firmament | Planets | Skies) If one sees himself dwelling in the lower heaven, and if he qualifies, it means that he will be appointed at a ministerial office, or work for a minister in the government. This is because the lower heaven is the sphere of the Moon and the moon is inter- preted as a chief minister or as a secretary. The second heaven is the sphere of the planet Mercury. If one sees himself in the second heaven in a dream, it means that he will acquire knowledge, diligence and writing style. In turn, people will seek him to learn from him. The third heaven is the sphere of the planet Venus. If one sees himself in the third heaven in a dream, it means that he will prosper, or employ a female servants, or it could mean possessingjewelry and living in…

To see in the heaven a moderate fire, pure and luminous danger to your life or to some high place in your mind. See the heaven being very blaze an attack upon the nation, plague, famine, desolation. Make sure you pay attention to the fact from the side this fire falls will come the enemies or aggressors. If this fire jumping and about to extend or descend, the evil nature of the sign is magnified. The heaven that is seen with flowers means discovery of the truth. To ascend to the heaven, overwhelming honor will be received. (See Stars, etc.)

…If you ascend to heaven in a dream, you will fail to enjoy the distinction you have labored to gain,, and joy will end in sadness. If young persons dream of climbing to heaven on a ladder, they will rise from a low estate to one of unusual prominence, but will fail to find contentment or much pleasure. Dreaming of being in heaven and meeting Christ and friends, you will meet with many losses, but will reconcile yourself to them through your true understanding of human nature. Dreaming of the Heavenly City, denotes a contented and spiritual nature, and trouble will do you small harm….

…To dream that you’re rising to glory, to heaven, or to contact deities suggests vanity and exaggerated ambitions that will result in failure and sadness. If the dreamer is a young person, this dream implies that he/she desires to be successful, and that everything won’t end the right way. To dream that you’re in glory heaven, next to Christ or some other deity is a symbol of future losses of friends and generally of your social life. This dream is a criticism for you to be aware and take care about your social relations….

Dreaming of heaven, and that you ascend up thither, is an indication of grandeur and glory.

If any one dreams of this abode of the blessed that he or she is ascending to Heaven, or is already enjoying its delights, it shows that some joyful event is to happen, such as the birth of an heir to childless people, good fortune to those who are poor, distinction to the wealthy, and high honours to the ambitious. If lovers have such a dream, it foretells an early marriage under the most auspicious circumstances, and that their wedding will be attended with troops of congratulating friends, who will shower presents upon them.

The heaven in dream is the symbolism of happiness, joy, and divinity. You are feeling free and enjoying the life you are leading. Alternatively, the dream may suggest you to look at things in more serious way, otherwise you won’t be able to recognize the evil and danger situations. Make sure you keep the tranquility that is in you, but at the same time keep your feet on the ground.

Dreaming of heaven and that you ascend up thither, is an indication of grandeur and glory.

The remainder of your life will be spiritually happy, and your death will be peaceful.

…to face from any ‘Tec, she said, I want you” to commit a sham burglary at my house, and do your work in such a manner as will lead my husband to suppose that you have stolen the necklace. In reality you mustn’t touch anything, or else” — here a very ugly expression crept into the corners of her mouth — “or else,” she went on, “but there, I must take you on your honour, Mr. Bailey. You will promise to bide entirely by my instructions, won’t you? “”Certainly, ma’am,” I answered, “Especially if you make it worth my while.””What would you consider worth your while?” she asked.”Three hundred and fifty pounds, ma’am,” I hazarded, praying to heaven she would give it me; for that sum, don’t you see, Lil, would just make up our five hundred. To my surprise, the lady smiled. “That seems rather exorbitant,” she said; “but…

…the tortures of the damned. My sides blistered, burned and cracked, and I gasped, panted and choked. ‘You are on fire!’ a cowl close beside me shrieked out, ‘ on fire! Augh!How disgusting! We shall all get black and sooty!’”Yes, listen to him roaring! Shouted another, and see how the red sparks fly! I hope he will speedily break, and then there will be an end to him! That can never be!’ thundered the voice of a gigantic, bronze weather-cock in mid-air. He is doomed to suffer to eternity; the fire that burns within him is inextinguishable!””Who is that speaking?” A meek little chimney- pot whispered.”What, don’t you know? Snapped a very” tall and angular cowl. That is Moses — Moses, the usurper of Heaven — Moses the Jew! He is now visiting every city in the world in the guise of a wWhat are his sins?””He is a drunkard!’…

A rainbow is a traditional sign of peace, love, and blessings coming from heaven, therefore it is good sign of health and prosperity for adults and the elderly. One of the many old legends relating to the rainbows says that the place in which the rainbow ends is found a lot of joy, the fountain of youth and great treasures with plenty of gold. All of this is usually symbolic in dreams. For many people, since the ancient times, the rainbow has been a symbol of peace and alliance of heaven and earth. Dreaming of a rainbow with all its colors is a sign of happiness that usually comes from success from the affairs that you’re managing. This dream between lovers announces marriage.

The spiritual symbolism is revealed only when the smoke is white and rises straight to heaven. The materials symbolism is the most common and reveals a state of mental confusion that prevents us from solving problems in which we are involved, or announces the existence of hidden enemies.

Stars that are brightly shining, show happy success; dim, trouble; seen over a house, danger of death in the family; a star falling from heaven, quarrels with a friend.

Dreaming of an eagle represents domain and triumph when we identify with it, and fear if it instills anxiety or pain. If we see it flying quietly, we are ready to sacrifice everything for an ideal in real life. If it attacks you, it indicates that you are unable to take responsibility for true love. Seeing it fly, ascending to heaven indicates that we will see our goals achieved. If it flies slowly or uninterruptedly indicates delays. If it is still, we will not achieve an intended purpose. If it falls, the same will happen to our projects. If we see it flying with its prey, we must be careful with our enemies. If it pounces on us or hurts us we are in danger. Seeing it caged augurs humiliation.

Seeing a soul in sorrow indicates concerns and poverty. Seeing it rising to heaven announces lucky news.

To have interaction or to encounter or to see the Star Of David, when you are dreaming, has the symbolic significance and suggests the merging power of love, desire and passion and creativity. It also stands as a symbol and sign for the union of heaven and earth.

…with suspense and trepidation. Though I had not as yet seen it, the face of the huntsman was what I feared most. It is the faces — always the faces — of these grotesque-looking individuals in my dreamland that are so alarming. As minute after minute passed and still he did not turn round, my anticipation at length grew to such a pitch that, unable to restrain myself any longer, I shrieked to heaven for pity; upon which he swung round and his countenance was fully revealed. So strong were the moonbeams — far stronger than they are in actuality — that every feature in his face stood out as clearly as if I had seen them through a magnifying-glass. The nose was hawk-like, prominent and curved, the chin — long and pointed, the eyebrows — black and slanting; and the eyes — God help me!— only a lurid, Satanic…

…mean spiritual success or winning God’s forgiveness in the hereafter and entering the heavenly paradise. If a pregnant woman sees herself sitting on a chair in a dream, the chair then represents her labor and her delivery day. If she is wearing a crown in the dream, then it means that she will beget a son. Seeing the Divine Throne (Kursi) of God Almighty in its most perfect condition which is situated in the highest heaven and as it is without attribution of human imagination or depictions of images in a dream means acquiring knowledge, wisdom and rising in station. A chair in a dream also signifies delivering a babe, travels, a vehicle, buying a house or initiating a good practice that people will emulate and follow. As for a sick person, a chair in his dream means being on his deathbed. (Also see Saddle | Seat | Throne)…

…Dreaming of the sky, signifies distinguished honors and interesting travel with cultured companions, if the sky is clear. Otherwise, it portends blasted expectations, and trouble with women. Dreaming of floating in the sky among weird faces and animals, and wondering all the while if you are really awake, or only dreaming, foretells that all trouble, the most excruciating pain, that reach even the dullest sense will be distilled into one drop called jealousy, and will be inserted into your faithful love, and loyalty will suffer dethronement. To see the sky turn red, indicates that public disquiet and rioting may be expected. See also Heaven and Illumination….


…during the sixth lunar month, known in Arabic as Jamadu Thani. and if the dream carries a good meaning, it will come, but slow and one should not contradict it. If one sees this dream during the seventh lunar month, known in Arabic as Rajab, it means that he will gain honor and status, for it is the month of the prophet’s Ascension (Mi’raj) and his night journey to the seventh heaven. A dream during the eighth lunar month, known in Arabic as Sha*ban, represents honor and ranks, for during this month, every good deed will be honored. As for the ninth lunar month, known in Arabic as Ramadan, in it, all difficulties will be suspended, evil will be shun and stinginess will be dispelled. During this month all what is good will manifest and bad dream will dissipate to become null and void. During this month, the dreams of…

(See Heaven.)

Symbolizes resistance, tenancy and perseverance. If it is a volcanic stone, then it represents petrification or hardening of the senses. If it falls out from heaven like meteorites, then it becomes a sacred omen. If it converts into tiny stones or sand, then it symbolizes the dismemberment, disintegration, illness and death. Dreaming about the extension of stone, warns us about our inner strength and sterility. If the water or rain appears, then some situation will be softened and dissolved. If the territory is covered with stones, then it expresses our resistance to change and if we decide to walk over them, then it indicates that life will be difficult and painful. Dreaming about cleft stone portends illness or familiar division and if it is broken, then it portends the death of something, family, business or our own personality.

…Dreaming of looking at the sky suggests that soon there will be prosperity in the dreamer’s life. Dreaming of a star-studded sky on a quiet night indicates desires, beyond the capacity of the dreamer’s own ambitions, which can lead to failures. Dreaming of the sky and instead of seeing stars, seeing characters that are not exactly angels, indicates that there are spiritual desires that haven’t been satisfied due to unfavorable conditions in life. Dreaming of being in heaven and seeing familiar people indicates that there are non-honest friendships that are watching the dreamer’s behavior to take advantage of his or her errors. Dreaming of a clear sky hints that the dreamer will receive a promotion or at least a nice gesture from a friend. If the sky appears to be dark, and worse if there is a threatening storm, this indicates that there will be various problems, including sentimental…

Seeing sapphires in a dream represents the protection of heaven. It also represents openness and understanding of your unconscious.

When we orientate ourselves in dreams we do it so to choose between: North, which means go up to heaven. South, which means down to hell. East means to go back to our origins. West means to become resigned to our fate.

It symbolizes purity and luminous force that can only come from the Kingdom of Heaven. Sapphire also symbolizes the cure for all ills.

Seeing the Star of David in a dream means a combination of love and creativity. Star of David also means the union of heaven and earth.

…(King | The Fourth heaven | Planet) In a dream, the sun represents a great king, the vice-regent, a father, a prince, a commander, gold, or a beautiful woman. If one sees himself turned into a sun in a dream, it means that he may receive a dominion that will stretch as far as the radiance one sees in his dream. If one sees himself holding the sun in a dream, it means that he will gain strength and wealth that will come about through someone in the government. If one receives the sun hanging as a necklace in a dream, it means that he will win a seat in the senate. If he goes near the sun or sits inside it in a dream, it means that he will acquire power, wealth and support. Should he qualify, the stretch of his power will extend between the two horizons…

…(Corridor | Doorman) In a dream, a hallway represents a servant who controls and manages the business and life of his employer. It also represents a doorman, or one’s actions that guides him to his purpose, or one’s deeds that could lead him either to paradise or to hell-fire. A hallway in a dream also represents one’s grave, since the grave is a hallway to either heaven or hell, or it may represent the steps of a sick person or a handicapped person. Its lights, size and the ease of crossing it in the dream reflect the outcome….