…would turn over a new leaf and live like respectable people. But what we wanted was five hundred pounds. If we had that sum we could retire to the country and run a farm. Jim liked an outdoor life, and I loved animals, so we thought a farm would suit us down to the ground.”Well, it was my turn first. Biding my time I, at last, saw a safe opportunity. I mingled with a crowd of well-dressed ladies at a benevolent bazaar in the West End, and came home with five nice fat purses — close on a hundred and fifty pounds in hard cash. Not bad, was it? I banked the money, and Jim, being a man of honour, told me that would do, and that I must now definitely retire on my laurels — a feat which he hoped soon to accomplish himself.One day Jim came to me…

In a dream, a saw represents a forgiving person, or a mediator who negotiates back and forth. A saw in a dream also may represent a judge, an arbitrator, or marriage. A saw in a dream also means division of assets, a scale, or a perfidious person who loves to create division between a husband and a wife, and to separates between them. A saw in a dream also represents a cunning person, unfair dealings between people, hypocrisy, evil, an informant, or sexual in- tercourse. A saw in a dream also represents a helper, strength, profits, a public ordinance, a proclamation, a learned person, or a judge. A lumberman’s saw in a dream represents an astringent and an austere headman. A marble saw in a dream signifies running out of tricks, or presenting an unsatisfactory proof. A handsaw in a dream represents a layman, a miller, or sieve merchant,…

…Dreaming that you use a hand-saw, indicates an energetic and busy time, and cheerful home life. To see big saws in machinery, foretells that you will superintend a big enterprise, and the same will yield fair returns. For a woman, this dream denotes that she will be esteemed, and her counsels will be heeded. Dreaming of rusty or broken saws, denotes failure and accidents. To lose a saw, you will engage in affairs which will culminate in disaster. To hear the buzz of a saw, indicates thrift and prosperity. To find a rusty saw, denotes that you will probably restore your fortune. To carry a saw on your back, foretells that you will carry large, but profitable, responsibilities….

…copper hue — a man in build and form, but enormous in size and development. ” See thy future!” it cried; and my free soul felt a strange pang of pity at the sight of its face — it was so full of sorrow that I could not fathom; a vastness of pain that could only be immortal. Yet as I looked, my pity was changed to fear and hate; the creature became contorted with demoniac fury; its lips wreathed and twisted, its eyes flashed, and it cried aloud so that my soul longed to flee yet dare not.”See! See!” it shrieked. And I looked and saw myself. It was I, but how altered! I was an aged man sitting alone in a dreary attic, bathed in a flood of cold moonlight, waiting — waiting for what? I looked a little further and saw a muddy river, and over it…

(Injeel) If a person sees himself carrying the gospel in a dream, it means that he devotes his life to worship, asceticism and gives preference to solitary life. If a ruler sees that in his dream, it means that he will conquer his enemy. Carrying the Gospel in a dream also could represent a false witness, or slandering a chaste woman. If a sick person sees himself carrying the gospel in a dream, it means that he will recover from his illness. In general, seeing the gospel in a dream may represent science, geometry, copying knowledge from its people or it may indicate images and music.

Dreaming of self-criticizing is a warning which tells you that you’re adopting some incorrect behavior, hanging out with the friends, taking part in risky issues or planning or doing something wrong, either in your relationships, family, friends or business. This dream indicates that you should rethink the path in which you’re going. Self-criticism in dreams is very common and shows up in mostly every dream as a kind of self-defense mechanism. It is also can be as an advice to prevent major diseases.

If the one had a dream of seeing or using the saw, then such dream warns him about the situation which the dreamer is not happy with. He must stop doing whatever he did, as it may cause some serious psychological damage. Alternatively the dream could show how dreamer is able to cope with the tasks he has, especially if the saw was the electrical one.

Read a gospel passage means desire and search for spiritual peace.

Dreaming about preaching in your dreams suggests that there is an important message to be delivered or that you need to leave a destructive relationship.

…way in this manner, when I suddenly saw, stretched across our track, a white coffin which rose up on end, and shook off its lid, and disclosed to my startled eyes a man, clad from head to foot in red tights. Stepping out from his prison, he placed his fingers in his mouth and whistled shrilly, whereupon the scene once more changed and I found myself back again in the forest, sitting at the foot of a huge, black tree, with the red man opposite me. “You are fond of music? He said,” Then listen!” and placing a flute to his lips, he blew. The most ghastly, the most hellish of noises rang through the forest, and, ere my shocked senses had time to recover I found myself once again in motion — this time on my own legs — with all the trees, headed by the red man, in…

(See Saw)

(See Saw)

Reading or possessing it, indicates need for solitude and reflection. Losing it, family difficulties.

Joyfulness, pleasure.

Easiness, happiness. 85.

The I.D. indicates your own identity and how you think about yourself. If you lost you I.D., it means that you are not feeling yourself anymore. If someone has stolen your I.D., it symbolizes your fear of being influenced by others in the negative way. If the driver’s license or I.D. was taken from you because of the your behavior, you will have to face the consequences for what you have done.

…(arb. Encompassing the two hills of Safa and Marwa | Mecca | Rituals of the pilgrimage) Encompassing the two hills of g_afa and Marwa in a dream denotes one’s righteousness and correctness. It also means reconciliation between two people, quelling a conflict, mediating between two people and bringing about a just and a peaceful agreement. If the one who is walking between the two hills in the dream is a judge, it means that he will be just and equitable. If he is a husband, it means that he will be just with his wife, or true to his parents. If one is ill, it means that he will recover from his illness and return to earning his livelihood. (Also see Rituals of the pilgrimage)…

To dream that you receive the intravenous drip means that you have a feeling of someone interrupting into your life while you don’t know it.

…(arb. Retreat | Seclusion) In a dream, it represents a spiritual retreat, prayers, hunger, fast, depression, humbling oneself, controlling one’s passions and desires. (Also see Retreat)…

(See Arabic months)

It was once considered the symbol of a serpent that would descend in dreams to communicate a message, but the most common interpretation is that there is a connection between various levels of consciousness.

(arb. See Chair | Divine Throne)

Finishing of business, fortune, satisfaction.

It symbolizes the temptation. you are trying to solve some situation and finish the things off in your work place or relationships. If we see ourselves sawing a hammock, then it indicates that inside us there is an excess of indolence and passivity. If it is about a tree, then it indicates that we will lose protection, and If there is another person who cuts it, then it indicates that we will lose this protection due causes of not our own fault.

Denotes good advance in business.

Dreaming of sawing or seeing someone sawing, indicates achievement and satisfaction.

…archers, drums, trumpets, spears, silver and gilded maces, troupe after troupe of merry-eyed dancing girls, followed by a hundred or so of the same queer-looking creatures I saw at the windows, carrying triangles in one hand and scales in the other; and last — last of all — mounted on a gigantic white horse, the tall and gaunt figure of Death. He wore nothing save two long, green feathers which waved to and fro, in the most ludicrous fashion, as he bowed his fleshless head, first on one side and then on the other, in gracious acknowledgment of the salutes of the people. And what a reception he had! A reception in which everyone joined, young and old, rich and poor, from those on the housetops, and balconies , and in doorways, and windows, even to those in the procession itself! One and all shouted and cheered, clapped, stamped, and…

Long life. 25.

Loss of property or honour. 4.

Payment of debt.

Good. 23.

Great honour, riches. 54.

Having law suits, coming in need. 3.

(Abode | Bad | Dwellings | Desire | Ego | Good)

Trouble and vexation.

Long life.

(See Patience)

Being guarded against misfortune. 24.


Being deceived.