House dream meaning

If you dream that you see a house in a dream, then such dream indicates the inner phases of your personality. The certain parts of the house represents specific aspects of your identity. If you see the house which is empty, has no people, furniture or any appliances in it, then such dream indicates the emptiness you feel inside yourself. Perhaps you feel lonely and denied by others. If you see the house that is renewed, then such dream shows that there is something important in your waking life that is changing very quickly, therefore you see yourself changing either. If you are cleaning the house in a dream, then such dream indicates how you are trying to clean up your thoughts. You are ready to take the new chapter of your life and you wish to start fresh and new beginning. If you see yourself living in the house full of other people, then it could be the suggestion to become more independent from others. Perhaps you should stay on your own for a while, then you will be sure what to do with your life. The dream in which you see an old house symbolizes the old habits, views and features. The dream shows that you tend to keep yourself to your past. Maybe you should start thinking more about the future than the past? If you see brand new house in a dream, then it shows the fresh and new start of something in your life. Perhaps there is something completely new that is coming into your life. It could be new job, new relationships or new phase of your life in general. If the house is broken then such dream represents your inner self which is feeling terrible and violated. The broken house could also represent the current situation of your waking life. When you dream about the house that is haunted, then such dream indicates the fears and apprehensions you have. The dream could also indicate some relationships that you haven’t ended properly. The haunted house may also symbolize your suppressed feelings. If you dream that the house disappeared then such dream shows that you do not feel grounded.

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